Learning basic computer and networking technology

Woman working late on computerWelcome to the Guru42 Universe. Your journey to learning basic computer and networking technology concepts starts here at ComputerGuru.Net

Learning computer networking can be intimidating, like learning a foreign language, so many similar sounding words and phrases, and acronyms everywhere.

Many people attack their understanding of a computer concept in the context of using a dictionary to find the meaning of a word they don't understand. It would be difficult to learn a foreign language simply by using a dictionary as your tool.

Likewise, it is difficult to learn technology concepts simply by looking up specific definitions. We organize the material in sections that can be read like a chapter in a book by topics, rather than simply a list of definitions like a dictionary.Since 1998, ComputerGuru.net has attempted to provide self help and tutorials for learning basic computer and networking technology concepts, maintaining the theme, "Geek Speak Made Simple."

We continue to receive positive feedback from all over the world about our technology websites as we attempt to presented material more from a personal "lessons learned" perspective than a text book perspective.

In our latest update and expansion we have added sections on desktop computer troubleshooting and Windows Server based on many questions and notes collected over the years. We hope they help you better use and understand technology in your world.

Who is The Guru?

The ComputerGuru is Tom PeracchioTom's career in business and technology started with communications and moved to office automation systems long before the acronym "IT" was widely used. As a field service technician and manager for various office automation companies Tom attended numerous customer service training programs and fine tuned his skills in customer service.

As small business networks evolved, Tom's career expanded as well into the areas of networking and systems administration. Working as a consultant to numerous businesses delivering various technology solutions, Tom gained valuable project management experience.

Tom began actively speaking and writing on both business and technology issues since before the internet was widely used by small business. Exploring PC telecommunications and its role in business lead to Tom's first article for a regional business journal on how the average business could use Computerized Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) as a tool for customer service.

Starting as trainer in the Army National Guard, then as a community college instructor, and now as a webmaster and freelance writer, Tom Peracchio has developed a knack of putting complex topics into simple terms, as he likes to call it, geek speak made simple.

As a community college technology trainer, Tom learned that not everyone taking webmaster classes was there to be a technician or engineer. Many people took the classes to appreciate the topics covered so they could communicate more effectively with the technology folks they had to deal with in their roles as business managers.

Through writing and the Guru 42 Universe websites Tom Peracchio shares his technology experiences and insights with a wide variety of technology users to help them use technology smarter to make their life easier. 

The ComputerGuru is Tom Peracchio: IT support specialist, web developer, writer, and technology trainer