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Are you lost? Looking for Direction?Since 1998, the technology websites of Tom Peracchio have attempted to provide self help and tutorials for learning basic computer and networking technology concepts, maintaining the theme, "Geek Speak Made Simple."

Looking for direction along the road to learning technology? Your journey starts here!

The goal of  is learning computer networking basics and system administration.  Learning technology isn't sexy, but I am doing my best to keep it interesting. From the perspective of an experienced system administrator, I take on the complex subject of the Computer Networking OSI model explained in simple terms.

Common technology questions and basic computer concepts | In this section we are covering common questions and basic computer concepts from the perspective of a typical home user.

Basic network concepts and the OSI model explained in simple terms  | In this chapter of the journey to learn computer networking technology we explain the OSI Reference Model in simple terms, and expand on the different layers of the OSI model. | We explore when visions became reality. While the future just ain't what it used to be, what you have heard about the past isn't always true. | Information technology success Geek Speak Made Simple The Universe starts here with a discussion of the power and responsibility of using the internet.

Looking for Direction?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The various religions are like different roads converging on the same point. What difference does it make if we follow different routes, provided we arrive at the same destination."

No matter what your destination, or puzzle in life, don't get hung up on thinking there is only one way to approach it. The Guru 42 Universe was created to stretch your mind beyond the buzzwords, to see things in a different perspective. Even if you totally disagree with the guru personally, if you think about a problem or idea in a way you never have before, the Guru has succeeded.