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Explain the difference between deep web and dark web in simple terms

When I explain technology concepts I strive for using simple terms. I saw the question asked, "Can you explain deep web and dark web to me like I am a five year old?"

I just shook my head as I read many of the answers, I know a five year old is not going to understand them. I make those comments sincerely, with the first hand experience of spending time with my five year old grand daughter on a regular basis.

Most answers started out explaining that the surface web was the part of the internet indexed by Google. My granddaughter is pretty smart, but she no concept of what "indexed by Google" means. So here is my attempt to explain deep web and dark web to a five year old.

As I tell this story I can actually picture taking my grand daughter to the downtown area of the city where I work. First we would go to the library. I would show her around the library. Look at the people reading books, working on the computers. Isn't that cool, all the people moving around the library, learning new things! For our story we can call the public library the surface web.

Right next door to the library is an office building, let's go in there and look around. In the lobby of the building there is a common area where we can walk around freely and access various bits of information. On the wall there is a sign that tells me the names of all the people who have offices in the building on the floors above the lobby. We can see who these people are, but we really can't just walk around their offices to see what they do. In order to look inside these offices we need a reason to get into these rooms. These offices might be doctors treating people, or people talking about different business things that aren't things that are shared with the public. For our story we can call this office building the deep web.

Across the street from the office building is a large building with no name on it, so I am not sure what is inside the building. There isn't a lobby we can look around in to see who works there. From watching the people going into the building it looks like they have a special badge to get inside of the building, so it's not something we can go inside of to look around. For our story we can call this mysterious building the dark web.

I am sure there would be some question as to why the mysterious building did not want people to know what they are doing inside. I could expand the analogy further to explain the difference between public spaces like your school or library and private spaces like your home.

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Dig deeper and learn more. The dark web need not mean some mysterious place of evil, it is simply a term describing an area of controlled access rather than free and open access.

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